Organic Shea Foot Cream 100ml - Regenerating Foot Spa

For Dry Feet &Cracked Heals w/Shea Butter, Marula Oil,Salicylic Acid & Aloe Vera


Our feet are most often the first ones to tell us that we are physically exhausted. After a long day spent in socks and shoes, standing, walking, or lifting stuff, they are tired and hurt. Because we put so much pressure on them (literally), our bodies develop harder skin areas around the pressure points. They form calluses. Those areas, specifically on our heels and the outer side of our big toes, are prone to dryness, often leaving the skin rough and cracked – especially in winter. What if tonight, you could show your feet some appreciation? - We say treat them to a SPA-like experience with our moisturising Organic Shea Foot Cream. Its nourishing formula is based on organic shea butter and organic aloe vera with an active ingredient complex of marula oil, vitamin E, & vitamin C. The snow-white cream has a very soft, whipped texture. It spreads perfectly between the fingers, applies easily, and soaks in quickly. The benefits of softer-feeling, relaxed feet set in almost instantly.

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