Orifice plate

Sharp edge


Conception : Upstream edge of the orifice bore shall be square (sharp edge, r<0,0004 d) and angle of bevel 45° ± 15° on downstream side if necessary Type of fluid : Low viscosity and clean liquid, gas or dry steam (monophasic fluids) Reynolds number not less than 5.000 (turbulent regime) Characteristics : Simple, flexible, accurate, economic, easy installation and maintenance if necessary Tapping point configurations : Flange, corner or radius taps

Flow meters

Product features

Ratio pressure loss 42% to ∆P for β=0,75 up to 95% to ∆P for β=0,2
Accuracy <1% to 2,5% depending on the installation
Material Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Monel alloy, Hastelloys, Inconels, Titanium, Tantalum, PVC, etc
Assembly Between flanges / Inserted between 2 carrier rings with annular slots
Piping connection Between straight sections (variable lengths regarding β and obstacles located up and downstream – se
Type of gaskets Flat seal (spiral wound gasket, graphite, PTFE) or RTJ (mild steel, stainless steel, monel alloy…)
Centering of orifice bore relative to piping Distance e between the centerline of the orifice and the centerline of the pipe in the direction par

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