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Orifice-based compact flowmeter Verified by Europages badge



 Pre-assembled complete set : combination of differential pressure element with preset DP transmitter  Ready-to-install flowmeter  Compact tapping connections  Direct assembly on pipe works  Efficient seal design to prevent leakage  Significant installation savings  Easy commissioning  Maintenance-free system  Flow rate section designed and manufactured according ISO5167, BS1042, ASME.MFC.3M or ISO TR15377 :2007 industry standards  Delivered with all the relevant certificates Deltafluid DeltaK compact DP flowmeter is a single piece assembly of a differential pressure element, a manifold and a preset transmitter. Direct connections between the tappings and the manifold eliminate maintenance-intensive impulse lines. Integrated components give a ready-to-install and fully leak-tested flowmeter saving installation costs and ensuring reliable measurements. These devices are custom-engineered to meet relevant operating conditions and requirements.

Product information

<1% to 2,5% depending on the installation
Orifice plate : Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Monel alloy, Hastelloys, Inconels, Titanium, PVC, etc
Orifice plate : ISO5167, BS1042, ASME.MFC.3M, ISO TR15377 :2007 Transmitter : ISO61508
Fluid temperature
-110°C to +800°C (if remote transmitter) to +125°C (DP transmitter limit)
Type of fluid
Gas, steam, liquid
Nominal diameters
ND15 to ND1000 (from ½ up to 40 inches) - and beyond according specifications
Maximum operating pressure
Limited by the flange rating