Oriox Mouthwash Auto Dispenser


<DISPENSER COMPOSITION> Built-in cup holder. Tamper proof. Door lock & open key. Drip tray designed for sanitary & easy clean-up. Install anywhere. : both wall-mounting or self-standing. *Auto dispenser included 4 D-Batteries <Company Information> LCC developed the world's first mouthwash dispenser in 2003 and has been supplying the dispenser & refill mouthwash to the domestic and global markets. Oriox is the leading brand in mouthwash dispenser industry in Korea with more than 80% market share. Moreover our dispensers are receiving the favorable feedback from all over the world especially USA. We developed the world’s first new automatic dispenser in 2018. Also developed and launched the manual dispenser in 2021. These new products were designed to meet ADA (American with disabilities act) law and are not subject to any restrictions.

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