Orsa Sandsten is 100 % natural and environmentally friendly foot file, body peeling, facial peeling and nail file. The red sandstone is absolutely incredible gentle to skin and nails Orsa Sandsten is: Sustainable Eco-Friendly 100% natural 100% vegan Orsa Sandsten come from a stone quarry in Dalarne in central Sweden. The red sandstone consists of lots of fine quartz grains there makes the abrasive surface of the stone fantastic and suitable for peeling, removing hard skin on the heels and feet as well as filing the nails. Orsa Sandstone foot file removes hard skin and cracks on the heels and feet with one side and the back can be used for body peeling it will gently removes the dead skin cells. Orsa Sandsten smoots cracked and rough heels after a few days of use and is therefore particularly suitable for people with diabetes who often suffer from hard skin and deep cracks on the heels.

  • beauty products for hands and feet
  • facial care products

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