Orsa sandsten is 100 % natural and environmentally friendly foot file Orsa Sandsten foot file is: Sustainable Friendly 100 % atural 100 % vegan Beautiful, effective and not at least a gentle foot file made of Orsa sandstone at a stone masonry in Dalarne, Central Sweden. Use the fluted side at the cracked and dry skin on your feet and especially at your heels, immediately after bath when the skin is stille damped. After using the file a few times the file smooths out stubborn cracks on the heel and is therefore particularly suitable for people with diabetes. Finish your bath with a slight peeling on wet skin of the body with the smooth side of the stone, take a quick rinse in the bath and finish with a good body oil apply it on the wet or damped skin. Your skin will become smooth and soft and you will never have to buy expensive scrubbing creams again.

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