Orthophosphate analyzer Liquiline System CA80PH


Liquiline System CA80PH offers online orthophosphate measurement for precise dosing of precipitants in wastewater treatment. As all Liquiline System analyzers, it enables plug & play of up to 4 Memosens sensors - minimizing the installation effort. Automatic calibration and cleaning and the low consumption of reagents save you operating costs. Advanced diagnostics with remote access ensure process safety and support you in providing process documentation to the authorities.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Colorimetric
Characteristic Process analyzer for 0rthophosphate in aqueous solution
Size Cabinet; 793 x 530 x 417 mm; 31.22 x 20.87 x 16.42 in; Stand housing; 1693
Design Open design, cabinet and stand housing; High-Performance plastic ASA-PC, additional stand coated ste
Process temperature 4 ... 40 °C (39.2 ... 104 °F)
Ambient temperature 5 ... 40C ( 41 ... 104F)
Process pressure at atmospheric pressure, < 0.2 bar
Probe rate min. 5ml/min (0,17 fl.oz/min)
Consistency of the probe Process analyzer for orthophosphate in aqueous solutions
Application Monitoring and optimization of the cleaning capacity of municipal and industrial waste water treatme

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