The core-layer mat former (pocket orienter) deals with the material ow from the metering bin infeed, the bin discharge front up to the orienter underneath. We use the FinFormer, which orients the strands crosswise to production direction. Distribution rollers form parts of the FinFormer, orienting the core-layer strands homogeneously in longitudinal and crosswise directions onto the forming belt underneath. The FinFormer is suitable for all strand geometries. Depending on the requirements one or two mat formers are used. Features Position-controlled, swivelling twin screw conveyor Bin metering belt, incl. weight-per-unit-area control Discharge front rollers, extremely wear-resistant FinFormer including distributing rollers and pocket orienter rollers underneath Level and angle adjustment of the orienter head Advantages Most homogeneous density distribution inside the bin crosswise to production direction Careful strand treatment

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Siempelkamp Wood
  • Siempelkamp
  • Finformer Wood
  • Siempelkamp-Osb
  • wear-resistant


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