The trimming saw is installed downstream of the last surface-layer mat former, cutting the strand mat precisely to the required width. Two motor-adjustable saws, one each located on either side of the belt, cut the strand mat to the dened width. The trimming waste is discharged through a hopper and recycled to the mat former bins. Features Motor-adjusted saw blades incl. distance measurement Movable mat edge retainers to ensure high-quality cuts Lateral pressure rollers ex saw compact and smoothen the mat edge Movable extraction system adjustable to mat thickness Advantages Recipe-related adjustment of all adjustable axes Eective strand extraction

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Siempelkamp
  • Osb-Strand Wood
  • Mat Trimming Saw
  • Siempelkamp Osb-Wood
  • belt
  • trimming waste
  • mat thickness


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