A universal fast cutting mixture of fine and medium fine abrasive particles, for outstanding buffing action. Formulated for profes­swnal, high temperature machine buffing, but can also be applied by hand. Especially formulated for the preparation and maintenance of polyester and epoxy moulds or surfaces. Devel­oped tot quick and easy removel of the „coarse marks" and scratches remaining on the surface after the „wet and dry" sanding procedure. M-200 LIQUID EXTRA HEAVY DUTY CLEANER, is the most abrasive cleaner and the first to be used after the sanding procedure - then followed with M-300 LIQUID HEAVY DUTY CLEANER (fine abrasive), for the final high gloss surface. The unique feature of the polishing alumina used for the OSKAR'S M-200 and M-300, is that the abrasive particles „break-down" to finer and finer particle size, during the appli­cation, and thereby ensure both effective and gentle cleaning and polishing action simultaneously, without any possible damage to the gel-coat.

Plastic material processing
  • cleaner

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