Oudie 2 is a flight computer which aims to provide everything a glider pilot needs for navigation in one simple package. Connect it with on board 12V power supply and you are ready to fly.Oudie 2 is shipped with all accessories and cables required including suction cup mounting for an easy install. Lifelong software updates are free ensuring your instrument is always up to date.Every good pilot knows the value of having the right flight plan, the right navigation instrument and the insights gained from reviewing a flight.The Oudie runs software developed for the gliding ty over nearly 20 years. When combined with the SeeYou PC software, Oudie becomes the complete package offering:Pre-flight planning,In-flight navigation,Post-flight analysis

Paragliding - equipment
  • Oudie device
  • navigation device
  • airspace device
  • glider pilot
  • In-flight navigation
  • easy install
  • software updates

Product features

Device Processor ARM 11, 500 MHz
Device RAM 128MB
Device Built-in Flash 8 GB
Device Loudspeaker Yes
Device Buttons On/Off, Reset
Device Battery 1400mAh
Device Battery indicator Yes
Device Battery autonomy 2.5h
Device Wall charger Yes
Device 12V charger Yes
Device Size 135 x 86 x 14 mm
Screen Display 5″ TFT LCD
Screen Resolution 480×272
Screen Aspect ratio 16:09
Screen Portrait Yes
Screen Landscape yes
Screen Touchscreen Yes
Connectivity Built-in GPS Yes
Connectivity USB USB 2.0
Connectivity Mass Storage Yes
Connectivity Active Sync Yes
Connectivity External Flash microSDHC
Connectivity Headphone 3.5mm jack
Connectivity Wired Serial Connectivity Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth Yes
Connectivity Pressure sensors No
Software Languages 17
Software Moving map Yes
Software Preinstalled maps world-wide
Software 3D Airspace warning Yes
Software Final glide calculator Yes
Software Thermal assistant Yes
Software OLC optimization Yes
Software FAI Triangle optimization Yes
Software Profiles Unlimited
Software Team function Yes
Software Speed to fly indicator Yes
Software Outlanding database Optional
Software Settings Complete
Software Navboxes 72
Software Glider polars 124
Software Flarm Radar Yes
Software Flight statistics Yes
Software Task statistics Yes
Software 60′ statistics Yes
Software Navigation around Task Yes
Software Assigned Area Tasks Yes
Software Task declaration Yes
Software IGC approved No
Software Wind calculator Circling/Straight
Software Units Metric/Imperial
Software File Replay Yes
Software Flight recorder Yes

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