Systemy PCV


The most important features of the VEKA Ovalline system: flat surfaces are easy to maintain. external A class 3 mm thick wall with a 0.2 mm tolerance. the deep glazing rebate allows a glazing thickness of 24 mm which makes the window more difficult to brake and limits the condensation of water vapor. Elegant, slightly rounded edges, perfect for every architectural style. closed steel reinforcements provide perfect statics and security. Warmer Good windows must insulate so that the temperature inside is moderate even when outside there is hot or freezing. Perfectline meets this requirements thanks to a better thermal insulation guaranteed by the 5-chamber system. Better stability Modern windows are extremely durable and maintain their parameters throughout decades. Increased stability due to a wider 70 mm profile. Quieter Efficient external noise reduction is a condition of wellbeing and health for all the inhabitants of a house. Thanks to a special profile structure,...

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