When the customer demands are such that through-the-wall heaters cannot be installed, portability is required, heaters are to be removed without emptying the tanks, or when there is no access to the liquid medium except the top, then over the side heaters is the right option. Various shapes and sizes are provided to fit customer dimensions such as, “ installed from- the- top” ( L or O shaped) which can easily slide into tanks, the vertical loop which is suited for open tank applications or drum heaters for direct immersion in drums. Brackets, risers, legs or junction boxes are used to support the heater if desired. Over the side immersion heaters can be installed in the upper portion of tanks, with the heated portion directly immersed along with the side or at the bottom, hence the name. This not only provides ample operating space in the tank but also allows easy removal and portability.

Heat detectors

Product features

Rugged and light weight construction Hairpins are re-compressed (re-compacted) which maintains Mgo density and dielectric strength, heat
Integral thermowells, thermostats and thermocouples as per specification Terminal enclosures (moisture resistant, corrosion resistant or explosion proof
Portable, durable, easy to install and maintain ludge legs to keep element above sediments

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