Fire extinguishing agent: gas (Freon 125, Freon 227, FK-5-1-12, CO2) The KSID overpressure relief valve is designed to protect premises and equipment from overpressure generated during the release of a gas fire extinguishing agent from the gas fire extinguishing modules into the room. KSID-FS is a device, the shutter of which opens when an excess gas pressure in the room is reached, corresponding to the opening pressure of the shut-off valve body, and the medium discharge is released from the protected room into the atmosphere. After the medium discharge has been released to the set pressure, the shut-off element is seated on the seat with a predetermined tightness of the valve, which ensures a longer preservation of the extinguishing concentration of the extinguishing gas in the protected room.

Fire protection equipment
  • Overpressure relief valve
  • Valves
  • Gas fire suppression system

Product features

Modification options standard (models) 0,3-350, 0,5-450, 1,2-450, 0,5-600, 1,2-600, 0,5-1200, 1,2-1200, 0,5-1800
Thermally insulated modification options (models) 0,3-350(Т), 0,5-450(Т), 1,2-450(Т), 0,5-600(Т), 1,2-600(Т), 0,5-1200(Т), 1,2-1200(Т), 0,5-1800(Т)
Valve opening pressure, kPa 0,5±0,2, 1,2±0,2
Flow area (opening) of the valve with a fully open damper, cm2 600, 1200, 1800
Valve closing pressure, kPa, no more 0,3, 1
Mother corps steel
Valve position on enclosing structures inside the protected area, horizontal, inlet downward

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