Oxygen analyser Oxy Smart - Oxygen analyser for purging and orbital welding - Oxy Smart, Orbitec

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Measuring devices are the first step to the perfect weld. Precise purging is essential for controlling weld quality, particularly when welding high-alloy, corrosion-resistant materials that are highly sensitive to oxygen in the welding process. Oxy Smart: — Battery powered device — For inert gases — For mixed gases with hydrogen (max. 10%) — Measuring cell made of zirconium oxide (maintenance free), long lifetime through intelligent software — Robust for use at site (protective frame out of rubber) — Dust- and moisture-proof, also for use around high humidity — Intuitive operator guidance through symbols — Coloured enlighten display — Battery indicator — Fault indication in case of error Package includes: — Oxygen analyser — Charging cable with various adapter plugs for worldwide use — Hose set, 1m, incl. filter and stainless steel probe — Calibration certificate — Plastic case with inlay

Product information

Measuring range
5-999ppm O2
Dimensions (L x W x H)
160mm x 80mm x 35mm
Supply voltage
Charging cable
100-240V with various adapter plugs
Battery life
9h using lithium ion technology