An IP 67 rating stands for full protection against dust ingress and protected operation against immersion and water penetration (designated by the second digit). Moreover, robotic systems feature smooth finishing, so there are no areas for bacteria build-up, and integrated through-the-arm cabling for problem-free transfer of signals and air, as well as easy, risk-free cleaning with any type of cleaners. Moreover, a food industry-specific grease is used in their spindle reducers. Robotic systems’ main advantage lies in the fact that they may work together with any packaging machinery (carton sealer, film etc) to offer increased operating flexibility to any application. Typically, packaging robots are followed by palletizing robots, however if line speeds are low, packaging robots may also undertake palletizing for additional production cost savings. For all the above reasons, it is easy to understand why all food and pharmaceutical companies apply robots in their production lines.