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PAI material considers the most efficient fusible thermoplastic in terms of temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical stress. Its mechanical strength at 205 °C surpasses many engineering plastics at room temperature. BIEGLO offers PAI finished parts of the following types: Torlon® 4203; 4301; 4275; 4435; 4645; 5030 (30% GF); 7130 (30% CF). Each type is best suited for a particular application. Polyamide-imide can be used for a lot of appliations like gears, rollers, plasma chamber hardware and wafer contact fixtures. In addition, PAI material is ideal for high-temperature thermal insulators, burn-in test sockets, valve seats, fasteners, mechanical connections, rollers, labyrinth seals, drive wheels, valve plates, vanes and support gaskets.

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