Bentonite powders for drilling fluids: Compatible with all standard chemical reagents used for drilling; Environmentally friendly; Are a low-budget basis for drilling fluids; Developed under Russian quality standards in accordance with Technical Specification 39-0147001-105-93 and Technical Specification 2164-005-01424676-2014. Manufactured by: Kurgan Bentonite Limited, Bentonite Khakasia Ltd. and AzRosPromInvest LLC A specific feature of AzRosPromInvest LLC is production of PBA, PBB grades. This is due to the specific characteristics of Dash-Salakhlinskoye raw materials which may contain up to 90% of sodium montmorillonite. DRILLING FLUIDS BASED ON OUR BENTONITES Have low sand content thus reducing wear on drilling equipment; Possesses optimal viscoplastic and filtration characteristics; Provides effective borehole cleanout..

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