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RetailPowerScale – the software all-rounder for the scale that can do it all: Selling, cashing, labeling, advising customers, advertising and weighing. Standardized, open-source and easy to expand. RetailPowerScale provides the all-in-one solution for the retail trade. From specialist food stores to globally acting retailers RetailPowerScale is the key to turn your PC scale into a multi-functional device. But that's not all: Additional functions are easily and quickly available via modular RetailApps. Exactly scaleable in the required functionality, detailed adaptable layout. Individuality is combined with the advantages of standard software which seamlessly integrates in existing IT infrastructure.

  • PC scale software
  • RetailPowerScale
  • Selling
  • cashing
  • labeling
  • weighing
  • multi-functional device.
  • Lower operating costs
  • Flexible operating types
  • Cash register function

Product features

Microsoft operating systems WePOS POSReady 2009 POSReady 7
Linux operating systems SLEPOS10 BizlPOS
Supported screen formats operator display 12.1" SVGA (800x600) 10.1" WVGA (1024x600) 15.6" (1366x768)
Supported screen formats customer display 12.1" SVGA (800x600) 7" WVGA (800x480) 15.6" (1366x768)
Supported image formats jpg .gif Optional flash files (RetailImpact)
Touch screen designer RetailVision (PC) RetailVisionScale (scale)

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