Use: Miniature Jack/Socket for thermocouple and RTD circuits. Designed for direct soldering onto printed circuit boards. This version is suitable for flat mounting other versions available, please see separate specification sheet. Mechanical design: • Housing of fibreglass-filled plastic. • Contacts of original thermocouple materials and spring-loaded sockets for reliable contact. • Reverse polarity protection by different contact pin widths. • One-piece housing withstands great stresses.

Connectors, electronic
  • Panel Jack
  • thermocouple
  • RTD circuits

Product features

Temperature Load Max. 200 °C
Online Available Type K, J, E, N, T, U, R/S, B
On Request Type C
Colour Designations DIN IEC, DIN 43710, ANSI, NFE, BS, JIS, etc.

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