PCB Flex - Standard Flex 1 - 4 Layers



Base Material: Flexible material: Polymide 25 µm (+ adhesive) (adhesiveless on request) Polyester material / avaiability to be checked Copper: 12 µm min. starting foil, Copper foil type RA, ED Final Finish: Enig, iSn, OSP, electrolytic Ni/Au Solder Resist: Cover layer Polimide 25 µm (+ adhesive) Flexible S/M Stiffener Material: Polyimide, FR4, Al-plate (1,0mm, 1,6mm) Cu-plate (thickness to be checked) Adhesives: 3M materials (standard) Outline: Punching, laser Specials: Bare back, Split flex, Sculptured, flex, Shielding flex foils