The CAN-PCIe/402 is a PC board designed for the PCIe bus that features one, two or four electrically isolated CAN High-Speed interfaces according to ISO 11898-2. The CAN-PCIe/402-4/2Slot comes with two CAN interfaces via a separate slot bracket. These product versions are also available without electrical isolation. In the CAN-PCIe402-B4/1Slot version all four CAN interfaces are connected via one 37-pin DSUB connector. Equipped with up to two CAN interfaces the board is available as low profile versions. The independent CAN nets according to ISO 11898-1 are driven by the esdACC (esd Advanced CAN Core) implemented in the Altera FPGA. The FPGA supports bus mastering (first-party DMA) to transfer data to the host memory. This results in a reduction of overall latency on servicing I/O transactions in particular at higher data rates and a reduced host CPU load. Due to the usage of MSI the CAN-PCIe/402 can be operated for example in Hypervisor environments.

Electronic data processing - computer peripherals
  • PCIexpress PCIe
  • CAN-Schnittstellen
  • PC Boards

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