PE Film.

PE Film


PE Film Polyethylene film is a highly elastic bundle film for packaging units. We prepare the PE film so that you can optimally further process it with or without corona treatment and on request with hot-needle perforation, a glossy or matt finish, as centre-folded film or with anti-static treatment. We will gladly advise you on packaging solutions with PE film and find the best solution for your needs. Polyethylene film – the facts: Available as LD-PE or HD-PE Usage: e.g. as bundle film for packaging units Standard thickness: 30–60 microns, but also available in other thicknesses as required Glossy or matt finish Also available as centre-folded film with dimensions of up to 600 x 600 mm; larger formats available as required Hot-needle perforated With anti-static treatment as required Also available in several dyed versions (e.g. white) on request

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