PE stretch film

Power 250 %, super power 300-350%, manual, cling film


By offering the highest quality materials of ExxonMobil, the PE Film Rolls, offered by Clipsico Pack, are suitable to be used for diverse applications in several industries at a leading price. To meet all your packaging needs, Clipsico Pack provides the widest possible collection of PE Stretch Films. We provide multilayer wrap film with high quality by different means of applications: Power, super power, manual and cling stretch film 5 layer structure of stretch film, the multilayer structure of stretch film provides an opportunity to make a film with certain physical and mechanical properties and the adhesive side of the web. The material of each layer of the film are different brands of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).

Films for packaging
  • Stretch films and wrap
  • stretch film
  • film-wrapping

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