PEEK Filament

High Performance Polymer
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The Dexnyl PEEK filaments of BIEGLO is a high performance product made by melt spinning. Semicrystalline PEEK has high tensile strength, it is exceptionally resistant to chemicals and can withstand extreme temperatures. These features ensure a longer product life, lower maintenance costs, less machine downtime and wider material design options compared to steel or aluminum parts. PEEK filaments can be used very well for 3D printing. Printing with PEEK requires 360 ° C to 380 ° C. So far, only specially modified 3D printers are able to achieve this heat. Sliced ​​woven and/or unidirectional fibers significantly reinforce matrix material and are a popular additive for composites. PEEK filaments are also used on musical instruments, rackets and wide or narrow woven straps, filtration mesh fabrics and sewing threads. Due to their low weight and high temperature resistance, PEEK filaments are popular in many other industies, such as automotive and aerospace industries.

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