PERIPRO hose pump in the food version -

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The PERIPRO hose pump in the food version is CIP-capable ("Cleaning-In-Place"). A cover on the pump lid allows uncomplicated removal of the rollers, making the pump very easy to clean. The hose is made of food-grade FDA-certified nitrile. This makes the hose pump particularly suitable for the easy conveyance of juices or wine, but also abrasive, crystalline media such as sugar present no problems. The pump also enables maximum dosing accuracy with less than one percent deviation. The model further impresses with maximum efficiency and easy maintenance. The large roller diameter reduces the pump's energy consumption by up to 30 percent and increases the hose's service life. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process, the hose is also insensitive to high temperatures. Downtimes and service times are significantly reduced, and costs are lowered.