High Performance Total Body PET and CT for mice & rats with fast scan times with unparalleled quality Bruker's Full Field of View Accuracy SiPM PET technology, are now combined with low dose - high throughput SkyScan micro-CT. Offering a unique instrument, with supreme PET/CT imaging performance, the PET/CT Si78. The PET/CT Si78 features homogeneous, high-resolution, and quantitative PET/CT imaging with a large field of view of 80 x up to 200 mm. The unique low dose X-ray technology, combined with ultra-fast full body 3D CT scanning, the familiar ParaVision 360 software and a high-precision motorized animal transport system, simplifies your workflow. - Total Body PET for mice and rats - Full Field-of-View PET quantification accuracy - Low-dose, fast CT scans for longitudinal studies - ParaVision 360 preclinical imaging workflows using validated multi-modal in vivo protocols and scan programs - Interactive scan planning, introducing PET and CT preclinical imaging methods and...


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