PH5.5 Natural Soap Free Bar -



Batheal Body Care & Personal Hygiene SOAP FREE BAR PH 5.5 – Best match to your skin <Product Features> - Not Tested on Animals - EWG Green Grade - Good Cleansing Effect - Mandarin Fragrance - 100% Natural Ingredients - 100% Natural Surfactant (Surface Active Agent) - Available from Top to Toe (Can used as Shampoo, Cleanser, Bodywash) - 7cm Diameter - Soap Free means, No Caustic Soda - Korean Cosmetics <Product Specifications> - Product Size : 73(L) x 35(M) x 73(H) mm - Content and Weight : 100g - Function : Skin Moisturization, Nutrient supply, Maintain skin elasticity, Skin Hypoallergenic - Skin Type : All

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South Korea