THE PRODUCT CATALOGUE OF PROTECT COMPANY INCLUDES SUCH MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION FOR UNDERGROUND COMMUNICATIONS AS A PIPELINE MARKER FOR UNDERGROUND GAS PIPELINE. It is made of bright yellow plastic pipe, which is quite visible; the diameter equals to 83 mm or 108 mm. The height is presented in three variants: 1.8, 2.2 and 2.5 m. The top of the pipe has a red stripe, which contributes to its visibility. The top part of the pipe is pressed flat and bears a label “GAS”. This flat top suits perfectly well for attaching an information plate, which can be purchased additionally from PROTECT Company. The installation of Pipeline Marker for Underground Gas Pipeline must be performed exactly above the gas line buried in the ground. A row of Pipeline Markers identifies the place where gas pipeline lies and clearly shows its rout. It informs of prohibition of any earth works in this particular area. You can buy Pipeline Markers for Underground Gas Pipeline at a reasonable price (provided in a pa


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