A new method of pipeline corrosion protection, which provides the answer to both elimination and monitoring of corrosion, has recently been developed Abfad Limited. PIPEVAC® is an innovative pipe protection system which has been developed to eliminate external corrosion by creating a vacuum around a pipe. With the creation of an external vacuum it is now possible to monitor the pipeline in sections, which enables our clients an opportunity to investigate any alarm and take action to protect their assets and the environment from pollution. An internal or external breach of the pipe will activate an alarm as vacuum pressure will not be able to be maintained. PIPEVAC® also prevents against CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) as the integrated vacuum system prevents moisture and oxygen from attacking the external surface area of the pipe, thereby preventing any of the conditions for corrosion to occur.

Onshore and offshore services
  • pipeline corrosion protection
  • protecting from corrosion under insulation
  • corrosion monitoring