PIRAMID XL2 - Passive infrared and microwave intruder detector  - ATLINE SP.J.


The XL2 version of PIRAMID provides outdoor False-Alarm-Free Performance "volumetric" protection under even the most severe environmental conditions. PIRAMID XL2 models SDI-76XL2 and SDI-77XL2 are dual technology sensors combining PROTECH'S proprietary STEREO DOPPLER MICROWAVE Technology with a dual element Passive Infrared sensor. The independent sensor modules are "And Gated" and must activate simultaneously to create an overall sensor alarm. The PIRAMID XL2 Outdoor Motion Sensor have a very broad application range. The key to their success is the unique, dual-channel Stereo Doppler Microwave Detector and its ability to ignore randomly moving objects. The capability to field adjust the distance a target must move to create an alarm, enhances the sensor's adaptability to most environmental situations. Generally, the PIRAMID XL2 sensors are used for STRATEGIC AREA or SPECIFIC ASSET protection. They are also frequently used in conjunction with outdoor perimeter systems as a "gap filler".

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