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PL 3175 -


PL 3175 series modular belt have 1.25"(31.75mm) pitch and 0.5"(12.7mm)thickness.Especially beneficiary for high volume needed application with minimum space. limitation.PL 3175 series have special design of high side flexing ratio with respect to equivalent in the market.PL 3175 series enables easy assembly and a minimum downtime .PL3175 Series Modular Belt Use ın the followıng ındustries and applications: Meat and poutry applications;general conveyance ,tray conveying,packing lines,freezers and inclined conveyors.. Seafood applicatıons:inspection tables,grading lines,washing lines. Fruit and vegetables applications;elevators,inspection tables and packing lines. Bakery industry including pan applications,internal transport,metal detectors and packing lines Beverage applications;accumalations;accumalation ,infeed tables.