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PLATROTEC, specialized in the implementation of plaster through our former subsidiaries, equips large global plasterers with its perennial technologies in the dehydration of gypsum and the moulding of plaster blocks. The history of our current leaders remains that of the founders of the former company ALPHA PLATRE created in 1986. We always offer our continuous flow vertical static kilns. We manufacture and market our plaster blocks production lines.

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Two smooth molded plaster surfaces with moulded peripheral mounting profile


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PLATROTEC ensures the creation and acquisition of original plaster kiln. Our mastery and technical knowhow, offers you with this type of plaster calcining kilns, the opportunity to halve your gas consumption for your usual plaster production, while optimizing its quality. Small footprint, easy integration into an existing unit and no moving mechanical parts. The material is brewed naturally by the air injected continuously in the oven during the treatment of the gypsum and no mechanical wear so maintenance practically nonexistent. Maximum production of 180 or 450 tons of plaster / day, depending on the model. These kilns can also deliver about 20% less in continuous production and hot milling should be provided at the outlet of the kiln plaster screw. Possibility to deliver ovens with their metal access tower at all levels. It is therefore not necessary to provide a civil engineering other than a concrete slab.


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Maximum space saving. The entire water and plaster dosing station is installed on a gantry fixed to the crane rails of the plaster block machine. The longevity of the installation is guaranteed by a systematic use of stainless steel 1810 for the realization of the tanks, the tank of the waste and the screw of Archimedes for the plaster. Weighing, mixing and filling of the check molds, follow a configurable cycle on a PLC. Use of 3 weighing sensors on water tank and plaster hopper. Dust guidance during the descent of the plaster in the mixer thanks to water spray nozzles. Selfcleaning of the internal walls of the mixer tank by trickling water during the filling process. Energetic mixing of water and plaster by one or two electrically powered fourblade stirrers. Possibility of installing a dosing station for chemical additives (silicone, dyes, plasticizer ...)


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Modular machines with interchangeable heads for a perfect match with the customer's production needs. The machines have 3 or 5 modules, each equipped with a beam and an independent extrusion cylinder. Advantage of the system with interchangeable heads a molding station can alternatively produce different thicknesses of blocks 50607080100 mm. The molding heads allow for solid and hollow blocks with retractable column sets. These sets are waiting in the molding head, even when casting solid blocks. Molding head made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel. All stainless steel body parts are covered with a layer of hard chrome then mirror polished. Anticorrosion guarantee, even in the case of a burst of the chrome layer.

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PLATROTEC équipement plâtrière

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