PMSM stands for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Ordering Information When buying a POWER JACK MOTION motor, please note the following: Parameters(New User) You need to consider the following parameters: Rated voltage Rated output power or torque Rated speed Control mode: sensing vector control or sensor less vector control Installation dimension Supporting Product type (for Replacement Motor) Provide product catalogs and drawings for existing motor types and applications as well as ancillary product technical parameters. Mention the operation mode such as continuous, intermittent or short term. Provide structure, output, outline drawing and feature of the motor that you have used. Working environment Will it be indoor or outdoor? Is the environment dusty? However, you need to consider the following points as well. Protection grade (IP00 or IP67) Cooling method Thermal resistance grade Specific dimensions – consistent dimensions (mechanical installation) similar dimension...

Product features

Industrial and Commercial Applications Industrial and Commercial Applications
Electric Motors Electric Motors
Hybrid Automobiles Hybrid Automobiles
Compressible Electrical Garbage Dump Trucks Compressible Electrical Garbage Dump Trucks
Fuel Cell Vehicles Fuel Cell Vehicles
Oilfield Screw Pumps Oilfield Screw Pumps
Voltage 650V DC
Rated Speed 2500-3000 RPM
Rated Power 60-85 KW
Insulation Class H
Note We can design and manufacture different types of PMSM motors as per customer’s requirements.
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