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It is a machine that works with a fully compressed air system and is used to turn wheat coming from the cleaning unit into flour in flour factories. The chassis is made of sheet metal construction, and the sub-chassis is completely scanned on the borvek bench to ensure the parallelism of the balls. Rubber wicks are placed under the bed slides to absorb vibration. The properties of the rollers installed on the machine vary according to the diagram and are determined according to the purpose of obtaining the desired flour yield from the factory. All controls on the machine are made with the help of air stimulated valves and there is no electricity consumption. Depending on the amount of incoming product, the valves are stimulated, the pistons close and the grain balls come into action. Thanks to the plate on the grain rolls, the amount of product can be adjusted and flow is provided as a curtain between the roll rolls.

  • Oils, cooking - machinery and equipment
  • pneumatic sieve

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27090 Gaziantep - Turkey