Product introduction: With the growing maturity in drones technology and further development in aerial photography, the civil unmanned aerial vehicles are widely applied in various fields, even in the cross-border drug smuggling, invading restricted zones, carrying explosive materials, delivering prohibited substances and aerial photographing of private spots etc. It has even been a threat to high-security sites, aerial security and people’s daily life. The SC-J1000M portable anti-drone jammer developed by Novasky could be used to disturb the invading drones. Once any drone invaded, the devices would interference, force and control the drones by manual operation. Therefore, it is now widely applied for the defense of low-altitude areas without blind zone. Product appearance: Work mode: ▪ Single mode 1: Disable GPS-stop the drone flying back to the start point ▪ Single mode 2: Disable remote control-disconnect remote function ▪ Dual mode: Disable both GPS and remote...

Product features

Frequency band C-band
Jamming range 1KM
Suppression ration Center frequency
Center frequency 5.80GHz
Operation frequency 5.70GHz~5.90GHz
Amplifier 40dBm±1.5dB
Gain 14.1dBi
Forward to backward ratio 23dB
Element number 12
Equivalent isotropically radiated power 55.6dBm
Half power beam width 27.5° On the vertical: 26.8°
Battery specifications Battery specifications
Capacity 5000mAh
Nominal voltage 22.2V
Power 111Wh
End-of-discharge voltage 18.0V
Dimension 135mm*55mm*45mm
Cycle life 0.2C,300times,>80%
Batter numbers 2pcs
Charging voltage 25.2V
Operating temperature ﹣25℃~﹢55℃
Other specifications Other specifications
Total weight 11kg
Body weight 4kg
Power supply Lithium battery
Product dimension 860mm*222mm*164mm
IP grade IP54
Power consumption 75W
Endurance 2h
Operating temperature ﹣35℃~﹢65℃
Installation mode Portable

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