Power hydraulics The Krakow-based metalworking and locksmith workshop TAPKA & TAPKA sells the equipment necessary to equip car-body repair workshops and other service and production companies. One of our specialties is power hydraulics. We offer solid and durable products, reliable and easy to use. The usability of our devices will ensure your companies effective and efficient operation at all workplaces. Hydraulic equipment for equipping the car-body repair workshop Our offer includes a number of devices that will make the work of the car-body repair workshop work easier and more efficient. We sell hydraulic alignment kits, mainly used to remove light accident damage such as dents, bends and curves. They are perfect for repairing many vehicle's body elements. We offer two-stage hand or foot hydraulic pumps designed to supply hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic equipment
  • Power hydraulics
  • hydraulic equipment
  • hydraulic alignment kits
  • car-body repair workshop equipment

Product features

Various hydraulic devices Hydraulic alignment kit HZR-4, removes light accident damage such as dents, bends, and distortions.
Various hydraulic devices Hydraulic alignment kit HZR-10, repairs car bodies after accidents.
Various hydraulic devices Two stage hydraulic Pump PHD1-63 / 2.5, PHD1-63/ 2.5N
Various hydraulic devices Pneumatic - Hydraulic Pump ZPH 63/06


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