Guided Radar (TDR) Level Transmitter for the nuclear industry This 2-wire loop-powered HART® TDR level transmitter measures distance, level and volume of liquids. Ist different versions, high resistance to radiation and seismic qualification make it the ideal TDR device for safety-related and non-safety-related nuclear applications. - Agrees with nuclear standards (e.g. ASME Section III, RCC-M) - Qualified according to IEEE Std 323, IEEE Std 344 and RCC-E - Remote converter can be installed up to 400 m / 1312 ft away from probe

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Other characteristics: TDR guided wave radar
Measuring range: 0.6…40 m / 2…131 ft
Process temperature: -50…+150°C / -58…+302°F
Pressure: -1...100 barg / -14.5...1450 psig

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