PP-Cornets 40 µm
PP-Cornets 40 µm  - ELKE PLASTIC GMBH


CORNETS stir pleasant memories of liquorice candies and cola gummies in hygienic and stable packaging. We would like to remind you that we can supply this article in food-safe charges. CORNETS are ideal for businesses in which goods are individually weighed and packaged. They are familiar to us as having been the cornets that we got at kiosks or mom-and-pop stores, filled with candy, and handed to happy children. Today we still find them in this capacity at summer fairs, Christmas fairs and similar public events where people relax and want to buy sweets in plastic bags that they can also enjoy at home. The transparent exterior of the CORNETS make them especially well-suited for the sale of foodstuffs since the customer can see inside the container and can make sure that the content is actually in good condition. If you want to make your goods even more attractive or want to sort them more efficiently, we can also print cornets of this kind, too.

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  • PP-Cornets 40 µm
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