PR600 series heat pipe thermostatic bath is the company’s unique product with completely independent intellectual property rights, and the main technical indicators are in the international advanced level. The enterprise standard Q/0900TPR002-2014 “Heat pipe thermostatic bath” is implemented in the production process. The working temperature ranges from -40℃ to +500℃, the effective working area depth can be up to 450mm, the distance from the upper port to the effective working area is usually not more than 100mm, the typical temperature difference in the effective working area is 0.03℃ (model-related), very suitable for the calibration work of the industrial thermal resistance, low temperature thermocouple, bimetallic thermometer, pressure thermometer, working glass liquid thermometer and second-class standard mercury thermometer. Application examples: 1. Calibration of nuclear reactor dedicated temperature meter of Dayawan Nuclear Power Station. 2. Calibration of transformer oil...

Oil-fired power stations, installations and equipment
  • Temperature calibration test bench
  • Thermostatic calibration device Heat Pipe Thermostatic Bath
  • Calibration water cells

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