The PRECIOUS M 080 allows tool-free manufacturing of high-quality metal parts directly from CAD data. It is capable of providing a wide range of production solutions. Designs can be realised in only a few hours without the investment of tooling. The PRECIOUS M 080 builds the parts layer by layer, melting fine metal powder with a laser to create extremely complex geometries such as freeform surfaces, hollow sections and articulating parts. Distribution by Cooksongold

Steel, special
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering
  • 3D Printing
  • Additive Manufacturing

Product features

Building volume Ø 80 mm x 95 mm (high, including building plattform)
Laser type Yb-fibre laser; 100 W
Scan speed up to 7.0 m/s (23 ft./sec)
Software EOS RP Tools; EOSPRINT
CAD interface STL

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PRECIOUS M 080 - Additive Manufacturing of precious metal products

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