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Special customer requirements occasioned us to produce selected bright steel specialities, such as antifriction bearing steel / ball bearing steel, which we also refer to as precision bright steel. The characteristic features of these antifriction bearing steels/ball bearing steels, etc. include the producible materials, attainable tolerances, achievable surfaces, available bar lengths, and obtainable strengths. Metering rods Ejector pins Fittings Ball bearings/Overrunning clutches >> Current alloy surcharges >> Current scarp surcharges VERSIONS AND FORMS SUPPLIED Drawing From 2.0 mm to 28.0 mm round, tolerance zone IT 9 Min. bar length 2,000 mm Max. bar length 5,000 mm (2.0 mm to 6.0 mm round) Max. bar length 7,000 mm (6.0 mm to 16.0 mm round) Max. bar length 9,000 mm (> 16.0 mm round and on request) Length tolerance ± 25.0 mm Grinding From 0.5 mm to 32.0 mm round, tolerance zone IT 6 (Rm up to 1,600 N/mm² for bright steel for standard parts) > 32.0 mm to 60.0 mm...