Prefabricated Building For Worksite And Work Camp Prefabricated Building For Office Prefabricated Building For Dining Room And Kitchen The elements of the building are prefabricated in the factory and delivered for assembly at the worksite. Module-T provides the blueprints for the construction of concrete foundations (concrete slabs) and can assist or carry out the construction. –Customized design and construction according to the needs of the client –The building is delivered completely finished (the panels are painted in the factory) –Quick assembly (reduction of the number of pieces, no need for welding or cutting parts) –Option to disassemble and transport the structure to a new site. –Optimization of logistic expenses (special packaging) –Optional supplies: desks, chairs, tables, beds, bedding, kitchen equipment, water boilers, solar panels, special lights, AC, electric generators, storage racks, workshop equipment, security, and surveillance equipment…

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