Waterproof cloth tapes provide high performance and versatility. These tapes´ backing is made with a waterproof cloth, generally cotton laminated with polyethylene. We supply from economical common use duct tapes to high performance duct tapes with a wide range of colours. Gaffer tape is a matt waterproof tape for applications, particularly in the film and theatre market, where light reflection is an issue, offering good all round strength and adhesion and excellent clean peel properties. Available in a wide range of colours plus the specific shades Chromakey blue and green for the entertainment industry. Other cloth tapes: - Rayon cloth tapes(also self-extinguishing) - Glass cloth tapes(acrylic or silicone adhesive, self-extinguishing) - Nylon tapes for shoe and leather industry. - Polyimide cloth tapes

Tapes, adhesive
  • premium textile tape
  • duct tape
  • gaffer tape

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