Light-weight premixed structural concrete, standard UNI EN 206-1 with resistance class LC 20/22 type CLS 1.4; class LC 30/33 type CLS 1.6; class LC 40/44 type CLS 1.8 based on hydraulic binders and hollow spheres of glass, for indoor and outdoor use. To be applied by mechanical projection or by hand for lightened structural concretes in general. It does not corrode metals but protects them if wrapped completely. To be used for internal and external structural castings, for concrete in general with lightness and high resistance characteristics, for collaborative castings on slabs in Putrelle/Laterizio, laterocement, Wood. Type CLS 1.4 Available for quick drying type "R". FPC 0925 production process certificate.

Building materials
  • high-resistance steels
  • premixed structural concrete,

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