Coconut Mugcake Powder for baking

1.12€ HT


Coconut Mugcake is a powder for baking healthy muffins in the microwave with coconut and vanilla flavor Sugar free, gluten free. A source of protein and dietary fibers. It contains prebiotics. Delicious and flavored cake with balanced ingredients in 5 minutes. Easy and quick to cook. No oven, no blender, no extra utensils. A healthy dessert. Suitable for nutrition and diets. Rich in proteins, healthy carbohydrates and dietary fibers - ideal for breakfast or snack. No sucrose, glucose, fructose, or other added sugars. To bake a cupcake, you will need a large mug, fork, microwave, egg, kefir or yogurt, and Mugcake powder. Cooking instructions: beat one egg with a fork in a large mug, add 60-80 g of kefir or yogurt. Stir, add 2 flat tablespoons of the Mugcake powder. Bake in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Cool slightly, remove from the mug, cut into pieces and eat with yogurt, jam, nut paste, etc.

Dietary and organic foods
  • Cake mixes
  • Foods, precooked and gourmet
  • prepared dessert mixtures for institutions

Product features

Net weight, kg 0,164
Gross weight, kg 0,164
Dimensions (D * W * H), cm 5 * 12 * 16
Package: gross weight 4,94
Dimensions (D * W * H), cm 28*20*30
Number of pieces (kg) per pallet 2400
Number of boxes per pallet 80

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