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Low-foam, fragranced pre-wax shampoo for an active pre-wax preparation: it increases drying, shine and protection. Its unique “nanotech” formula enriched with fine polymers: Reduces brush-glass friction and thus micro scratches with a lubricating effect. Improves the drying quality and effect of the wax. Increases the shine and gloss for a mirror effect. Has an anti-static and water-repellent effect. Reduces the onset of algae, moulds and limescale on brushes and surfaces. No added EDTA/NTA/SODIUM HYDROXIDE*. Also contains surfactants deriving from organic plant substances found in nature. Does not stratify and therefore leaves no residue on the floor, brushes and bodywork. Contains surfactants having biodegradability in compliance with 648/2004 and the perfume does not contain allergens, pursuant to attachment III part one.

Product information

10-30 pump flow pulses 6 l/h consumption for a 5-30 ml cycle.
Dosatron injector
1:50 – 1:500
Foam nozzle
from pure to 1:15 (67 ml – pure).