The perfect companion for your mobile workforce, the PRO all-in-one device is designed to help drivers work smart. And a more flexible workforce means happy customers. Designed for professional use, the PRO range can be used as standalone navigational devices, and for complete fleet management when connected to WEBFLEET.PORTABLE (TomTom PRO 5350 / 5350 Truck) - Portable navigation and tracking device, can be moved from vehicle to vehicle - Privacy controls allow drivers to switch off vehicle tracking when off duty - Ideal for leased vehicles, subcontractors, temporary vehicles or workers VEHICLE CENTRIC (TomTom PRO 7350 / 7350 Truck) - Never miss a vehicle movement when used with the fixed installed tracking device, LINK - OptiDrive 360 Driving behaviour reporting and real-time Active Driver Feedback CUSTOMISABLE (TomTom PRO 8275 / 8275 Truck) - 7"" ruggedised driver terminal - Open platform to add your business apps on the PRO - Customisable; create your own workflows

  • navigation
  • tracking solutions
  • Fleet management

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