PF-MIX-HOP is a well balanced mixture of spices and hop essential oils which has been designed to impart freshness and palate fullness to the beer. The concentration of the spices essential oils has been calculated to be above the detection limit but always below the identification threshold to modulate the palate fullness without modifying essentially beer genuine taste or aroma. The hop essential oils bring some freshness to the beer and can help to mask several staling flavours. PF-MIX-HOP imparts fullness and body to beer and low alcool beers. All the components of the mixture are food grade 100% natural and they have not been in contact with any solvent apart from CO2 which has the GRAS status (generally recognized as safe for food production by the FDA) and which evaporates completely after the extraction. BENEFIT Imparts fullness and body to beer and low alcohol beers. Imparts freshness and some hop aroma. High production flexibility as the brand characterisation comes in...

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