LIQUAMYL-T is a thermostable liquefying a-amylase working at high temperatures (90-100°C). The thermostable liquefying a-amylase is ideal to liquefy the small granules of starch (from rice, maïs, barley, wheat, …) during the boiling of « maisches » as well as during the boiling of the whole mash giving higher wort filtration yields, higher extract yields and brighter worts The starch liquefied by LIQUAMYL-T is ideally prepared to produce high levels of maltose when saccharified with malt, Maltosylase or Sorgamyl for sorghum starch. TEMPERATURE Optimum 90-100°C. pH EFFECT Optimum pH between 4,5 and 6,5. PURPOSES To liquefy quickly gelatinised starch of any origin by working at high temperature. To prepare starch for further saccharification with malt, Maltosylase or Sorgamyl allowing to reach higher levels of maltose. To improve the wort filtration yield when unliquefied starch is involved in wort filtration problems. To reach higher extract yields and brighter worts. APPLICATION...

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